Gazebo 2018


Some good reasons to insert a gazebo in the wedding choreography

The gazebo is an intimate corner, a dream.
It can be adorned with tulle, coloured ribbons, flowers and lanterns on the feet.
Couples can use it to celebrate their symbolic ceremony, or as a special corner for their most romantic photos. The gazebo undoubtedly offers a corner of intimacy.
Moreover, always inside the gazebo,  it can be used for the important moment of the couple's kisses exchange or the cutting of the cake. The moment of the cake cutting will be increasingly enhanced in this 2018.Leggi tutto...

Look Wedding 2018


Another year, another trends for 2018.

1)A return to classic wedding

2)We are seeing classic florals, formal mise en place with a hint of sparkle. So a strong presence of elegant wedding in 2018.

3)Wellcome to “woodsy” look.
Many wooden details in your country wedding: invitation, table numbers, seating card, chairs and tables.This includes a lot of greenery in the florals and green as the wedding’s main color.

4)ok to Photo booth concept

5)Color is back n a big way. No more total white but colourful arrangement

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Opena air Wedding


Wedding in the open air

The locations of a wedding  makes the difference in 2018. The trend will be that of outdoor ceremonies but also banquets, where nature will be the protagonist. A few decorations that will only serve to enhance the natural beauty of the places, to make the atmosphere even more romantic and welcoming.

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Gray in the wedding


Gray is an elegant color and suitable for many styles, perfect for decorating your wedding and easy to combine with other shades. Sober and neutral, it is ideal for the fabrics of the reception, for the look of newlyweds and guests or to create original centerpieces. Gray can turn towards silver, for a precious and chic style, to adapt to a vintage style, or to a more minimalist mood.Even the table service, with plates, cutlery and glasses, can have touches of gray or silver, for a minimal and very elegant style.

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Christma Wedding


Marrying in the winter is very beautiful, because the time, itself, is loaded with a magical atmosphere.
The climate is familiar, Christmas is basically the family feast.
Why not take advantage of the family reunion, someone come from far away, to celebrate the birth of a new family together?

It is all permissible for what is the typical Christmas atmosphere.

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No Aperitif, no wedding


Italian aperitif is so rich; it is the first dish served at the tables, can be a single course or a mix of different food. Depending on the season appetizers may include bruschette, mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, ham and melon, smoked salmon or grilled seafood.
Hors d’Oeuvres are usually served during the welcome cocktail: usually people speak about ceremony and know each others. Aperitifs are left on tables or passed around to guests on trays by waiters. They can include simple salted bites like olives, crisps and nuts, or include some old cheese like Parmesan Cheese, mozzarellas and   Leggi tutto...

Spritz, most popular italian aperitif


According to a research at the Wine Observatory, Spritz is the most popular aperitif of Italians. It is consumed especially in bars, restaurants, wine bars and parties. On a sample of 1,700 respondents, which shows that Spritz is 84 percent of the favorite beverage for aperitifs. Prosecco follows (63%) even with meals, Pinot Grigio and Franciacorta. Resist the lovers of the Chianti. Among youngs, wine is associated with the aperitif and youngs prefer the glass to the bottle. 46% of respondents who drink wine are between the ages of 18 and 35. 35% of out-of-home wine consumers are between   Leggi tutto...

Symbology in marriage.


Symbology in marriage.

Fresh fruit is not only fashionable but enriches your feast of symbolic meanings.

Figs are a symbol of prosperity. They were considered a sacred fruit by the Romans, a symbol of fertility and life. They also represent an erotic symbol. Generally, it gives a positive meaning to that dream: the figs indicate that there will be a better change in the fate of the dreamer.

In Scripture, the Vine is a symbol of well-being, fertility, blessing; The wine is also connected to it, a symbol of joy, a wedding party, an alliance. Vine is a plan   Leggi tutto...



The most striking location for a wedding is nature: a park, a Renaissance garden, a beach of the sea, a forest.
As long as it is outdoors, the ceremony seduces the naturalness of the atmosphere.
The natural choreography awakens feelings of peace and serenity.
Flowers, simple dry leaves, green lashes and sand.

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Turquoise color for 2018


Color 2018, there is already some anticipation.

For wedding in summer months, turquoise palettes will revert to tropical and Caribbean atmospheres.
It is directly related to communication, creativity: The dolphin symbolizes the turquoise because it expresses freedom, playfulness in the ocean, the place we came from.

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Confetti 2018


The confetti is a must to the Italian Wedding.
Here's trends for 2018

1) The Millennials love the minimal look, inspired by simple elegance. White is the color that most meets this taste. Takes place of the 2016 Harlequin confetti

2) Wealth of tastes. Most loved: Chocolate, Tiramisu, Cappuccino, Pistaccio ......
3) Ok the fruit, perfect Sicilian and Neapolitan tradition of cedar, lemon, cherry, tangerine and so on.

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Gazebo for outdoor ceremony.

It never goes out of fashion, but is always reinvented in new styles: wrought-iron square gazebo, flower bow, tulle-covered structure and flowers.

It can be sumptuous or minimal.
The essential thing is that it is present, as an element that enriches and creates a delightful picture at a poetic moment such as ceremony.

Be clear: the gazebo as in the picture, they do not offer shelter from the sun or from the water. They are purely decorative. But they make a difference.

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Candlesticks in wedding


Our couples love candlesticks on the wedding table.
Sometimes it is chosen for the only table of couples; or for all tables.
The candelabrum in the wedding gives a touch of refined elegance, adds wealth to the romantic table. It is not suitable for a country style unless there are rusty iron wrought iron candlesticks.
They are decorations that are hired and usually have an important cost. Remember, however, that the centerpiece should not prevent a serene and easy dialogue between the guests. That's why we prefer the decorations to the base, to leave space for candle   Leggi tutto...

Beer in the wedding


Are you organizing your wedding and want to give a touch country, easy?
Do you love hops and its main derivative, beer?

No problem, beer is welcome in your wedding, of course, presented at the right time and in a certain style.

For example, keep it cool in an original way so that guests can use it freely.
Better during aperitif, on hot summer days. Possibly not during dinner served, for example with great tuscan menu.
Many foreigners want to have it in the table, even with a menu combined with the great Tuscan wines. Patience, we have to support it a   Leggi tutto...

Guest Book


The guest book is increasingly loved.
Just take a moment to fill it with phrases, jokes, wishes, thoughts ..... the couple will appreciate it especially in time, browsing it with friends to remember that beautiful shared moment. Many enrich him with the photos of the wedding,  done in moments of cheerfulness, maybe a little drunk.
The Guest Book is more and more welcome in modern weddings.

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Professional Barman: Why?


The professional Barman, for a complete open bar service, is increasingly a must.

The goal is to have a private party, business, and even more a perfectly successful marriage.

The barman accompanies guests during the most loved time of the party:  dancing time.

The bartender will prepare a cocktail list based on the wishes of the bridal couple.
They will select all their ingredients for them:  Albatros Ristorazione service always selects the best liqueur brands for a top bar service.

It is a show to admire the work of a professional barma   Leggi tutto...

Shabby Chic Wedding


We've been talking for years; there must be a reason.

It's simple: shabby chic wedding is not fashionable, but it's reinventing continually, blending in with our rustic style, Tuscan in particular.

Let's talk about choreography, for example.

Natural colors that recall the environment, better with some ecological reference.
The flowers, furnishings generally have to be fairly simple and comfortable, but not scruffy.
There are antique cards, hand-made tulle or handmade bombs, pastel-colored flowers.
So much straw and wicker for tables and ga   Leggi tutto...

The Orange in the wedding


Born from the union of red and yellow, orange symbolizes wisdom, understanding, as well as ambition and vitality. This color, thanks to its vibrant tonality, is usually chosen by the bridal weddings that are celebrated in summer.

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Candle ligths


5 reasons to put the candles in the centerpiece of the wedding table:

1) they light up the table
2) it make the mise en place more precious
3) enrich the table of magic, fairy tale, especially in evening dinners in ancient locations, often with small windows and frescoed walls, so little enlighted
4) candles are definitely fashionable: you can not celebrate a wedding without them
5) Contrary to the tall and bulky centerpiece, the candles enrich the atmosphere without hindering guest speaches during dinner

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Green water color


Green water color

It is a very popular color in marriage because it is well-matched with white.
Green water is a Mediterranean color, perfect for marriages to the sea.
Its brighter declination is blue tiffany. Do you remember it?
It was very fashionable three or four years ago: American origin, it was inspired by the boxes of famous jewelery that became famous in Audrey Hapburn's film, "Breakfast at Tiffany's", in which, among other things,  born the fashion of the black tube robe .

May be the blue Tiffany is a bit demodé, but the green water w   Leggi tutto...

For the love of sugar


The great recipes of Italian pastries, continuous research in our laboratories, attention to fashion and trends has prompted our company to further strengthen its internal bakery workshop.

There is no cake or sweet buffet which our pastry chef can not repeat.

Our secrets?

     People specialized for years in the processing of creams, pastries, cupcakes etc.
     Customer listening: Every detail can be personalized.
     Traditions and recipes handed down jealously
     Cooking technologies that together with savoir faire allow real sculptu   Leggi tutto...

The cut of the wedding cake


Cutting the wedding cake is definitely along with the wedding ceremony, the moment of utmost emotion of a wedding.
All guests turn to the bride and groom to share the joy of the moment.
The modern wedding cake has its origins in the nineteenth century: white to remember virgin purity. Symbol of wealth, because it is covered with white sugar still very expensive for the time. The name, "royal icing", seems to be due to the immense Queen Victoria's white wedding cake: almost three meters in diameter for 140 kilograms. Along with Queen Victoria, she has to use the white    Leggi tutto...

Lace on the Banquet


Lace in marriage is a timeless fashion. There is no tendency to overcome it with the details loved by brides. Not only in the wedding dress but also in the banquet. Our responsible wedding choreographer, Rosy, loves the lace in particular and often portrays it in her own tables. The lace dones traditional elegance, romance, refinement. However lace does not accept compromises: either you love or hate it.

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Summer 2017 for wedding


What is IN in the marriage of 2017
We love to remember that happiness deriving from true love is the main ingredient.

We tell you the MUST of the 2017 wedding:

1. Great attention to the colors of nature environment, uncontaminated landscapes, seedlings everywhere: Eco Wedding is very trendy.
2. The aperitif is always the most loved by the Italians, better if by the pool with the various islands of taste spread around.
Chefs everywhere, making the reception a real cooking show
Informal does not mean picnic. Even the most modern couples se   Leggi tutto...

A fairy tale wedding


The ingredients for a fairy tale wedding.

The location: it certainly helps, best if immersed in the countryside, in lonely loneliness, not contaminated with lights or noises
A beautiful outdoor lighting, capable of enhancing the environment
Precious interior rooms, perhaps with frescoes and charming furnishings
Candlelight: You can not create a fairy-tale wedding without candles.
Specially romantic angles to create magical moments

True love makes every wedding a fairy tale

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Vintage Marriage


Wedding as fashion is made of returns.

Vintage does not get away on the most beautiful day, indeed!

Furnishings, equipment, flowers everything that is retro is very requested.

Rosy, the Choreography Manager of Albatros Catering is always looking for materials, objects, and accessories that can create the atmosphere of the old times so demanded.

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Wedding Greenery


Bright light green greenery that makes  immediately spring: very requested in our wedding.  It is technically a shade yellow - green that gives strength and renews. We like to arrenge mise en place, bouquet flowers, tableclothes, with greenery nuances

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If it's raining


The choice of location is always a highly debated issue. Albatros Catering, believes that the trend in 2017 confirms the search for an outdoor location: large terraces, garden, parks, ancient courtyards, front of house, pool. The important thing is to carry out part of the Outdoor reception. The recent springs and especially summers in Tuscany was characterized by unexpected rainfall, sudden rain storms that can ruin any party. That requires, in the choice of location the following requirements: covered inner space, preferably double or very large capable of accommodating the various mo   Leggi tutto...

Italian Toast


The Italian bubbles, in 2016, showed a gratifying 23% of exported bottles.
The French are enthusiastic consumers of toast Made in Italy: Stable the Arrival in Italy of French Champagne.
In Italy, every bottle of champagne uncorked, we have over 6 of Italian sparkling wine exported across the Alps.
The reasons? We have exceptional quality sparkling wines, with an unbeatable value for money.

The main customers of Italian Bubbles? Great Britain, USA and France that's incredible.

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Flower DesignerThe choice of flowers in your centerpieces is crucial to the visual effect on the entire banquet. It 'important to know the tastes of the couple, their color of the heart, the style of the event and the setting. They 'also important to the


The choice of flowers in your centerpieces is crucial to the visual effect on the entire banquet. It 'important to know the tastes of the couple, their color of the heart, the style of the event and the setting.
They 'also important to the season: not all flowers are available "always" less than significant costs due to imports, mainly from Holland.

Our Flower Designer for floral centerpieces is Rosy. For those not familiar is the wife of Patrick Cartocci, our owner with Claudio Bracelets.
For years Rosy studies the most original choreography, visiting old    Leggi tutto...

Wedding Trends 2017


Wedding trends 2017

For Albatros, there is a strong interest for outdoor weddings. Much attention to detail, with rich buffet appetizers and a dinner / lunch placée.

Elegance is a must: picnics with bbq are best suited for welcome receptions, the day before the event for guests who come from far away or after wedding parties. Perfect a very nice pizza party to greet the distant relatives, the day after the event.

The marriages with relatives who come from far places: it can be itself a  mini holiday. It’s nice to offer them the different reception partie   Leggi tutto...

Wedding Cake


The cutting of the wedding cake is an event within the event. At the end of the dinner, the couple with the guests usually it move to a different area, dedicated exclusively to this special moment. Music, equipment, choreography, photo shoot, lights, everything is designed to make this special “cut” an unforgettable moment.

Crucial then not go wrong in choosing the wedding cake.

Albatros Catering has its own in-house pastry laboratory: so nothing surprises. We follow the customer step by step drawing inspiration from designs provided by clients, ensuring the same hi   Leggi tutto...

Fish Aperitif


Fish appetizers for a cocktail with perfumes of summer. Albatros Ristorazione Catering offers a rich selection of recipes for happy hour modern, tastyful, colorful. Finger Food, the food mignon, which enriches the creativity of your wedding table.
In Albatros wedding menu, we have a wide selection of buffet trays, collected in spectacular angles: The table of the butchery, the cheese corner, the  white corner (cream cheese) the table of the fried and the angle of the fish, of course. The corner is served with fresh fish, tasty tidbits style finger food, seafood salads, fried fish an   Leggi tutto...

Imperial Style Table


Imperial Style Table is more and more loved by Italians and foreigners. Famously used for elegant weddings, today the  Imperial Style Table is also increasingly required in rural environments such as our beautiful Podere Pendolino.
This style reminds some marriages of the past in which they did not know the round table: rural people and bourgeois came together at long tables, the legendary Horseshoe table.

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Italian Marriage


Il Matrimonio all'Italiana

We are Italian and we pride at least as concerns the world of marriage. It 'well known that many people take the   Italian  Marriage as an example.
Let's see in detail:
The Marriage Italian Style is made up of many people.
The food is the main thing to welcome guests from all over.

Ceremony, is normally religious: Our churces are the most beautiful in the world.

The preparation of an Italian wedding takes a long time: catering, ceremony lo   Leggi tutto...

Wedding planning


We start the planning for the next summer events. Our manager wedding Rosy, goes about selecting new suppliers, materials, researching trends for new combinations. Accommodate all the couples you know it's hard, but this is the challenge of catering as our many years of experience.

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Let the party begin


Let the party begin
Open bar wedding enriched with delicious pastries angles: served in the bar.
After dinner must take place in a sheltered corner, usually candlelit
 Okay the edge swimming pools, where we played previously the appetizer of marriage. A great Open Bar Wedding requires a great professional in the liquor desk: training, sophisticated techniques, knowledge of classic cocktails but also the most modern. The open bar of Albatros basic usually has a rich selection of bitters and digestives, beloved limoncello, grappa, a list of cocktails and spumante for the bride   Leggi tutto...

For the love of honey


Our catering is deeply rooted in the Tuscan countryside, so we love all our typical products. Honey is one of these. For years, we serve on the boards of our customers to Podere Pendolino, the restaurant headquarters of our company. Honey is never lacking in cheese buffet, for example.

It's possible, upon request, order and serve in your buffet receptions the comb honey or bee bread. It contains all precious hive products; honey, pollen, propolis.

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The imperial table


The imperial table

The imperial table is very much required in scene of important weddings. It 's really fashionable, and beloved by foreigners attracted much by American influence. And it is perfect for location and elegant atmosphere,  both for the country chic style.

Our Stylist, Rosy will find with you the perfect mise en place.

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Italia Sole Cuore Amore


According to some data collected by Federturismo on data JFC & Tourism Management Italy it is the favorite destination in the world for wedding tourism and records an average annual growth estimated at + 10%.
About 8% of the tourists who visit our country do it to get married, celebrate anniversaries or honeymoons; just think that in 2014 were 6,724 weddings of foreigners celebrated in Italy, showing a growth of 42% over the previous year.
These are very important data that confirm the Italian ability to attract, enchant and welcome people from all over the world even to sa   Leggi tutto...

Chiavari Chairs


Chiavari chair, also called chiavarina, was created in 1807 dall'ebanista Chiavari Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi (called "Campanino" because it came from a family of bell ringers).
It was the reworking of some of the French Empire style chairs models. The chiavarina was very successful from the start and was praised by people such as Carlo Alberto of Savoy, by Napoleon and by the sculptor Antonio Canova.

It was the star of the famous wedding of Jackie Onassis and JFK.

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Wedding Fairs


Winter Wedding Fairs, what an experience

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How to choose a good catering


How to choose a good catering

We are Italians: the most vivid memory of a wedding is the bride's dress and how we have eaten.
Can you get married almost everywhere: villas, cottages, home gardens, on the beach and in the mountains. The important thing is to choose a Catering that can handle the logistical problems of transport and the cuisine perfectly.
Not just a good menu to set up the perfect party. Just because we work in various locations, it is critical to organize banquets, tensile structures everywhere.
Relying on Catering  known by close friend or fami   Leggi tutto...

Colors 2016 for modern bride


We  suggest our couples  fashion colors  in the year to come.

Surely the peach, sunny color that recalls the summer.

The green apple, even for the wedding dresses.

The pink in all its vibrant colors.

Modernity and joy on your table.

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The Christmas Table


The Christmas Table

We are in December, and our catering Albatros Catering is engaged in the preparation of numerous business dinners, cocktails of Christmas greetings, dinners and lunches with friends. The Christmas Table is an art and must certainly remember the colors of the Christmas season: our designer table and mise en place is Rosy, always engaged in the search for materials and decorations of all kinds. Gold, red, silver: these are the traditional colors that must have The Christmas Table. Candles are a must in all tables but especially in The Christmas Table. Get married i   Leggi tutto...

Renaissance style


Renaissance Style is perfect for elegant location, rich of history like pur prestijous Villa Fontarronco.
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